Dog sledding

Dog sledding is so much fun!
During winter we offer dogsled trips in Hálsaskógur, close to our home, Kjarnaskógur near Akureyri or various locations.
What a great way to travel, sitting on a sled and being pulled by beautiful, strong huskies.
Petting and pictures included.
The experience will last up to 2 hours.
Price: 30.000 ISK per person.

Hiking with husky

Have you ever been pulled by a husky? Here is your chance to try.
Come and walk with the dogs in beautiful areas close to Akureyri. Choose a nice and easy walk through Hálsaskógur or Krossanesborgir with a view over Eyjafjörð bay or an adventure walk on the rabbit trails in Kjarnaskógur.
Petting and pictures included.
The experience is around one hour.
 Price 5.000 ISK per person / 3.000 ISK per person for two people or more. 

Petting and pictures

Everybody likes husky kisses!
You are welcome to visit our dogs at their home, grab a cup of coffee and take lots of pictures. Our dogs are very lovable and like meeting new people.
Coffee, camera and huskies, what a great combination!
The visit can last up to one hour.
Price: 3.000 ISK per person / 2.000 ISK per person for two people or more.

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