Aska - Ash 24.03.2011

Our very first dog. She is our queen and she knows it.
Aska is a special dog and has an unique character. She runs the family. In our sled dog team she is our best leader.

Aska had eight puppies with Reykur. One died in an accident, three live with us, other three are a part of our team and one lives far away but lives with good friends.

Reykur - Smoke 04.03.2013

Our lovely goofball. Reykur loves all people and especially women. He is the father of all our dogs, except Aska.
Reykur is a purebred Siberian husky and is a show dog as well as a working sled dog.

Reykur had 7 puppies with the lovely Múla Tara, a beautiful sled dog. Three of the puppies will be in our team and will participate when they get older.


Kvika - Lava 25.09.2015

The princess. Clever and gentle. She is taking over the lead from her mother, Aska, on the sled.

Klaki - Ice 25.09.2015

Our big and strong gentle giant. Such a sweet boy. Stronger than everybody, can pull as two huskies. He is shy sometimes.

Dimma - Darkness 25.09.2015

Our dear ADHD dog, always behaves like a puppy. Loves to run and also loves to snuggle in her dog bed. Demands attention from our guests.

Jökull - Glacier  25.04.2018

Jökull, son of Reykur and a little brother of the older pups. Jökull is a fast runner and might be our next leader. He is very sweet and when he greets people his ears go back in the cutest way.

Jaki- Iceberg  25.04.2018

Jaki, son of Reykur and a little brother of the older pups. Jaki er strong and eager to run. He is super sweet and gives the best kisses. Jaki is our only light red husky.

Mýra 25.12.2018

Mýra, our little prankster. She is fun and lovable. Don´t let the size fool you, even thought Mýra is little, she is quite strong and can run fast, very eager. The same goes for her sister, Móa.

Móa 25.12.2018

Móa, the cutie. She loves belly rubbing. She will come to you and want you to cuddle her. Móa is just as eager and strong as her sister, Mýra.

Stormur - Storm 30.08.2019

Stormur came to us in January 2020 in a season of stormy weather. Stormur is tall and slim and is a very promising sleddog. He really loves to run. He is also the baby in the pack.

Slydda - Sleet 30.08.2019

Slydda, the cutest of them all. Slydda is the sister of Stormur and is also tall and slim and will make a great sleddog when she gets a little older.

Gunnar and María

My wife and I own a family of husky dogs. It all started with Aska and today we own 21 dogs and have 3 more in our sleddog team.

Together we do variations of outdoor activity. In the winter, when there is enough snow, we go on dogsleds. We have a wonderful woodland, Hálsaskógur, close to our home in the country side. We love to take our guest on  dogsleds tours in this beautiful area. 

In the summer we love to go hiking and bikejoring and the surroundings of Akureyri offer lots of beautiful trails but we also have a wonderful area around our house.